Modern Ballet
Ballet school for adults who've never been in professional ballet, but have a desire to get to know this beautiful art direction.
About us
Choreographic lessons are conducted by professional teachers-choreographers - artists and soloists of the best compositions of English ballet.
The lesson program is simplified and adapted for students of various body shapes, ages, and abilities. However, it is based on the program of the choreographic school and the best of modern ballet.
Our trainers
We are proud that graduates of the best ballet schools and academies teach at our school.
Evgeny Chamyga & Olga Pruskova
a graduate of the Moscow Academy of Choreography
Our classes
We offer different levels of training to make you feel comfortable and the studying - more effective.
If you are not familiar with the basics of classical dance, we recommend that you first visit a group for beginners, where you learn the basics of ballet.
If you have already had dance experience and know the basics of ballet, you can confidently join the intermediate level group.
If you have experience in performing a classical dance, you can always join experienced dancers in a group of professional levels.
$35 / hour
$50 / hour
$50 / hour
graduates of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet
Elena Muskatova
Lesson with a coach
Our school provides an opportunity for individual lessons with a teacher - staging dance numbers, rehearsing a part from the classical repertoire or practicing technique.
Perfomances affiche
See personally what our graduates can do.
Swan Lake
Romeo and Juliet
Don Quixote
by Marius Petipa
by Sergei Prokofiev
by Miguel de Cervantes
Aug, 18
Aug, 25
Sep, 07
Life pictures from our performances
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+12 345 67 890
68 Boar Lane, CA10 5LD, London, UK
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